As a brand we are seeking out ways to make better decisions for a more positive social and environmental impact. Not only do we provide ethically produced goods, but high quality products that last a lifetime. We take great care across our whole supply chain and build long-lasting relationships with all of our suppliers. We offer free repairs across all of our products.


We love slow fashion, classic colour palettes and timeless designs that transcend seasons and products that are built to last versus contributing to fashion’s global landfill crisis. We select materials and designs that will promote durability and longer use to avoid ending up in landfill. We work closely with our factory to ensure waste is kept to a minimum and with our new range of small leather goods we are using up even more of the leather off-cuts. Our products come with a quality guarantee, so should a style break in anyway we will do our utmost to fix it.


All of our products are made from vegetable tanned leathers. Vegetable tanning is the most traditional and natural tanning process in the industry. This method does not use chromium or harsh chemicals, making it significantly better for the environment. This healthier choice results in stronger leather, colour is set deeper and ages well over the years to come, revealing a beautiful patina sheen. All of our leathers can be recycled and are biodegradable. We are currently working on sourcing chrome free suede for our flap linings, and is set to be implemented early 2020. With this conscious change we will be proud to be 100% chromium-free.


Every purchase is protected in our branded dust bags made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton fibre can be recycled as it has been cultivated without any harsh chemicals. These dust bags are made in the UK from a socially responsible business. All of our business stationary from business cards, care cards, swing tags and more are printed on recycled card with no plastic lamination. A sustainable choice that saves energy, water and landfill space and can be recycled back into the loop. Our business is dedicated to ensuring our general printing is kept to a minimum and we always recycle. Our packaging boxes are made from recycled card and are 100% recyclable. We are committed to work with minimal to no plastic throughout our supply chain. We have replaced plastic bubble wrap with recycled tissue paper.


Our supply chain is engineered to ensure our products and their components travel the shortest distance necessary. Since the beginning we have valued this using only companies that are local to the UK. From our printed stationary to our leather products. Every item is made in London and our leathers are sourced from a London supplier who imports from an Italian tannery. Our dust bags are made in Leicestershire and our leather embossing is completed locally in Northampton. Shipping our products out globally we are aware of the carbon footprint impact therefore we ensure our packages are kept to the smallest size possible.